AMS - Aquatic Management Services

Water is fundamental to development and growth, it gives life to people and its correct management is essential.  Without well-managed water (micro, macro, national, and regional), economic potential cannot be realised which will lead to socio-economic challenges. Despite many parts of Africa being water scarce, factors such as population growth, climate change, pollution, aging infrastructure, alien invasive plants and poor agricultural practices, affect negatively on these scare resources. The only solution to these challenges is innovative water management and resource optimisation, which lies at the core of the services offered by Aquatic Management Services (AMS).

AMS was established by several forward-thinking water sector experts that collectively have more than 100 years’ experience. Each of these experts are specialists in certain components of the water management sector, meaning that AMS is able to lead the way in water related research, monitoring, planning, management, governance, rehabilitation and optimisation. AMS is in a position to contribute and lead the way in water resource management across Africa
Agriculture Sector (including aquaculture)
Mining Sector
Industrial sector that uses any water resources
Recreational Sector (resorts, golf courses, dams, lakes and rivers)
Water provision, management and purification agencies, including agencies dealing with discharge of wastewater
Government Sector across Africa, including Government Agencies, Ministries, Departments, and Municipalities
Property and estate developers

OcuCrop is a Smart Water Monitoring and Precision Agriculture company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa.  The company’s primary focus lies in water management through correct application of water. This is done using satellites, field visits, cutting edge technology, and advanced machine learning techniques. OcuCrop monitors aquatic vegetation coverage and aquatic health which is then stored in an up-to-date database of all water bodies that fall within the AMS client base.  These factors are linked to several other variables to show percentage coverage, vegetation movement, and evapo-transpiration rates (water loss).  OcuCrop uses internationally recognised remote sensing procedures, knowledge from being active in the forefront of satellite monitoring academia, and correct sustainable practice gained from training by NASA.

AquaEco is a company that specialises in aquaculture planning and governance, as well as environmental impact assessment and environmental management of water resources. Established in 1999, AquaEco is active in the field of aquaculture development across Africa, through providing quality services in planning, technical guidance, impact and risk assessment, as well as statutory approvals. AquaEco regularly consults to Governments across Africa. It has provided expert services to the African Union, as well as private companies and private aquaculture projects.

Founded in 1997, Envirokonsult™ specializes in water management programs offering a wide variety of quality services for water bodies ranging from large lakes (including large governmental dams and reservoirs) to smaller pond management solutions.  Their services include inter alia limnological lake surveys, water quality surveys and assessments, nutrient and algae monitoring, environmental odour control, eutrophication management, lake restoration and the management of aquatic vegetation and algae.  Envirokonsult™ has accumulated a large roster of satisfied clients who have benefitted from their water management services, ranging from government departments and municipalities, to smaller lake owners such as homeowners’ associations and golf course managers. Envirokonsult™ is well known for their Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plans (IAVMP’s), designed, implemented and operated for a wide client base which includes algae and water plant management in irrigation canals for Water User Agencies and Irrigation Boards through Southern Africa.  Envirokonsult™ assists with monitoring and detection, provides important inputs into the decision-making phase, handles much of the action phase, and facilitates preventative and restoration measures to ensure a water body’s health and sustainability.

De Rust are specialists in the breeding and application of sterile Chinese grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) for the control of aquatic vegetation in dams and other waterways.  With more than 15 years of experience in the application of sterile grass carp, they are involved in numerous projects and estate developments.  They consult clients on a wide range of practical application models and facilitate the development of dams into angling destinations for the eco-tourism market.  De Rust is the leading authority on grass carp in Southern Africa and takes part in all stages of the AMS approach to aquatic rehabilitation.  Their unique and environmentally friendly approach to water management through using nature to look after nature is one of the core values of AMS.

Water use optimisation
Project planning
Advanced monitoring of aquatic systems, including remote sensing, aerial sensing and satellite monitoring
Precision and water wise farming methods
Aquaculture development, including planning, governance, business modelling, authorisation and implementation
Limnological surveys
Water quality monitoring and evaluation
Watershed monitoring (catchment management)
Water related data management
Aquatic weed management services, including supply of permitted and sterile Grass Carp
Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plans (IAVMP’s)
Resource Management Plans (RMP’s)
Environmental Impacts Assessments (EIA’s)
Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) and permitting for use of non-indigenous species in aquatic system and aquaculture
Water Use Licencing and Authorisation
Global Gap Certification (Water Quality)
Water related reporting